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Publicēts: 29.03.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 6 vienības
Atsauces: Nav
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  Abstract    3
  Introduction    5
Conception and essence of terrorism    6
The history of terrorism    7
The types of terrorism    8
The determinants of terrorism    10
The terrorism today    11
The fight against terrorism    13
  Conclusions    15
  Bibliography    16
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

One of the most topical safety threats is prevalence of terrorism in international area. High quality and quantity of arms and munitions, great influence of mass media – that all had created circumstances for big wave of terrorism in the previous 30 years in which a lot of buildings, transport and connection systems had been destroyed and many people had been died. We live in terrorism epoch and every day we hear news about new terrorism acts around the whole world.
It shows the opposite side that terrorism is local and endangered phenomena – problems in the Middle East, explosion in Oklahoma and toxic escape of gas in Tokyo metro. Even in the most stable society can be people or groups who can make use the terrorism to reach the aim. The victims of terrorisms, of course, are people, on the other side; even it can be me or relative. Living in the Soviet Union, we felt safe because they spread all around that there is no terrorism and criminality. Nowadays the next terror act can happen in any moment. We live in free and open society; it means that we care about selves and people who think differently.
The aim of the project work is to define what the terrorism, what types it has is, how terrorism is developing and progressing today and how to fight against it.…

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