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The Issue of Security Situation in Iraq
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Publicēts: 13.11.2007.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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Iraq’s security situation is one the most raised issue in the last period of time, which provides many controversial and confusing debates. Different information sources have developed analytic researches, unfortunately their information in many of cases does not suite together by their quality of experienced information analysis. To which of them shall we believe? Shall we obey the opinion of mass media that has tendency whether to exaggerate the real situation, whether to reflect only a small part of the situation which may cause misunderstanding and various interpreting? Apparently that is the main source to which the biggest part of society is basing their informative skills, though, to my supposition, the clearest and unadulterated source of receiving complete and qualitative information has to come from direct source which is directly involved in the process.
Confusion does not stop at the point of information source; there are still many clashes that come along with the right origin of the war in Iraq. It is supposed that there are as many and different opinions as persons; this raise different “scenarios”, so I am going to reflect different opinions and points of view from different information sources, firstly press and official reports, secondly – direct sources like troops, their families and other, thirdly – view of veteran.…

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