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Publicēts: 21.01.2009.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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  Associations with Laima   
  Laima`s goals   
  Some facts of Laima history   
  Technologies used in production   
  Owners and company structure   
  Laima in Top10   
  Financial indices   
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

The topic of our presentation is Laima, a leading candy producer in Latvia.
The content of our presentation is following: ..
It`ll take about 15 minutes.

So, first I would like to determine the associations connected with Laima.
In Riga, one of the major landmarks is the Laima Clock, near the Freedom Monument. This is a classic meeting place for people in Riga.
Speaking about Laima`s goals, it sees its main goal in continuous development. They perceive development as improving the quality, broadening the range of products and gaining new markets.
This sweet legend was born in 1870, when the German manufacturer Theodore Rigert founded the first candy factory in Riga and gave it his name. The new enterprise became one of the industrial leaders in the Baltics and Russia.

In 1925 the factory was renamed into a trading-manufacturing joint stock company Laima. Since then, the name Laima for decades has become a delicious synonym for candy, cakes, chocolate and waffles.

By 1938 the factory Laima could have been surely called an empire of sweets: high quality chocolate, candy, cocoa, squish were made on modern foreign machinery and exported in large quantities.

The factory’s turnover was about 4-5 million lats. Its products supplied the whole range of warehouses and shops in towns and provinces. Imagine - up to 1000 people worked in Laima system! In spite the competition among 29 sweets manufacturers, Laima was a recognized leader occupying 39% of the market of sweets in Latvia and 79% of the export market. Laima products were exported to England, France, Sweden, Canada, Holland, Norway, South Africa, Palestine, Morocco, the Bermudas and India...

The war in Europe did harm to the factory’s business; export practically disappeared, but the prices on the domestic market increased also because of the immigration of 10% of the population of Riga and Latvia.

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