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Publicēts: 30.10.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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  “Russian Bank for Development” at a glance    3
  Bank’s Strategies    4
1.  Bank’s Mission    4
2.  Lending Policy    5
3.  Forms of Lending    7
4.  Areas of Operations    7
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OAO "Russian Bank for Development" was founded by the Russian Federal Property Management Fund and the stock of the company is 100% owned by it. The banks headquarters located in the Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard 13. Banks headed by CEO is Tatiana M. Ryshkina.

The Russian Bank for Development holds Banking License No. 3340 issued by the Bank of Russia on 25 January 2000, and a Securities Market Professional Participant's License authorizing it to engage in:
dealer operations, No. 077-06129-010000 dated 17.07.2002
broker operations No. 077-06125-100000 dated 16.07.2002
portfolio manager operations No. 077-06127-001000 dated 16.07.2002
As of January 1, 2003, the charter capital of the Russian Bank for Development was RUR 4,660 million; equity, RUR 5,196 million; bank assets, RUR 6,693 million. In the year 2002 the Russian Bank for Development obtained a profit of RUR 569.7 million.
Forms of Lending

The Russian Bank for Development specializes in providing project finance to long-term infrastructure-related projects and in syndicated lending.

Syndicated lending is a relatively new product for the Russian financial market; this product ideally fits in the funding requirements pattern of the real sector, while at the same time enabling the Bank to attain one of its key objectives, the one of multiplying the public investment resources through raising private capital for large-scale projects with medium to longer payback periods.

Project finance is a product used by banks to provide credit to investment projects. This implies that the credit extended will be repaid solely or substantially out of the project operation revenues, investment project-related assets may serve as collateral. In project finance, primary focus is with the project analysis. Such analysis deals with the project documentation (primarily, the feasibility study for the project) and aims to assess the investment project's financial and economic efficiency.…

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