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Publicēts: 02.10.2014.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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8. Customer loyalty system
When attending the event for the first time the participants have to pay €250. However, if they join our company’s further events, then they will have several advantages depending on the number of their participation. So, that means if they decide to participate for a 2nd time, then they get a 50% discount for a team building or corporate event. Joining us for the 3rd time enables them to get a free corporate event. A 4th participation at Planner 4B will benefit them by getting a 20% discount for a business bridge and a 5th participation by getting 30% discount.
9. Main competitors
The above mentioned companies are full-service event organizers, including conferences, seminars, forums etc. Along with travel agencies who organize corporate events, incentive meetings and informal conferences
10. Why invest in our project
The company is operating in a narrow niche – organizing events for businesses only, thus, it has less pressure from competitors, due to being focused only on one type of service related to business events, and along with that this gives the company an opportunity to be more focused on this particular niche with its particular services, getting acquainted to all the peculiarities of this market
The company is planning to expand and launch new services in order to stay sustainable and increase its profitability. The company also cares about establishing long-term relationships with customers by developing special bonus programmes for loyal customers and new services, thus, by having loyal customers the company reduces the risks of low demand and fosters stable growth
From our financial data you can see that the company’s income is high enough to pay annual credit % as well as in 2 year period we will repay the full amount of credit 50 000 EUR

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