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St. Peter`s church, The Evangelical Church and ensemble of cloisters ‘Rīgas Doms’, The castle of Riga, The house of Blackheads
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Publicēts: 09.05.2007.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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St. Peter`s church
The first time St. Peter’s church was mentioned in year 1209. At first it was a church of traders, also probably it was used as a place for conferences and meetings. Later the church was supplemented with chancel. Vaults are the main richness of the building. The construction of building continued for five years (1456 – 1491). In those years tower was 136m high. At the top of steeple were globe and the cock, which is mentioned in traditions of Europe since middle Ages. In year 1666 tower broke down. It was renovated again after 34 years. In year 1721 the tower of the church had a stroke of lightening and it burned down. In year 1976 the unique reconstruction of tower had a start. The elevator was built into the tower. Now tower of St. Peter’s church is 123, 25 m high. Now visitors are elevated up to 2.gallery, which is 72m high.
The Evangelical Church and ensemble of cloisters ‘Rīgas Doms’
The church was built to order of the highest clergy of archdiocese. It was devoted to St. Mary (Sv.Marija). The church was established in 1211. The layout of building was set by system of Romanic Cathedrals. The beautiful gallery of arcs round cluatr (cloitre) is one of the greatest memorial of the early Gothic style architecture in Baltic. The building of the ‘Rīgas Doms’ was finished in about 1270. About year 1300 the church took form of basil. At 15th of century ‘Rīgas Doms’ became one of the largest buildings in Baltic. …

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