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Publicēts: 25.02.2013.
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The ever-growing private guesthouse network comprises a wide selection of properties ranging from converted stately buildings and manor houses to farmhouses and simple family homes.
Each year, leading Portuguese travel publisher Maisturismo S.A. produces the Portugal Hotel Guide, an up-to-date listing of all the various types of accommodation available in Portugal, including the islands of Madeira and the Azores. Featuring more than 2,000 establishments around the country, it is without doubt the most comprehensive source of hotel information for people planning a trip to Portugal.
Also available is aCD-ROM version of the Portugal Hotel Guide, which provides full information in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Copies can be ordered free of charge by e-mail to info@maisturismo.pt.
Furthermore, an online edition of the Portugal Hotel Guide is also accessible in five languages on the Internet at www.maisturismo.com, now powered by the Nethotels real-time reservations system.
Manor Houses of Portugal are rural Palaces, Quintas, Solares and Casas with accommodation for paying guests.
The Thes homes are concentrated in the Alto Minho (costa Verde) region in the north of Portugal and the Port Wine Quintas in the Douro Valley.
All bedrooms have an en suite bathroom and the owners occupy private accommodation in these houses separate from the guest accommodation.
The Manor Houses were built during the period of great wealth in Portugal when trade followed the famous Portuguese Discoverers who were the first to sail to America, Brazil, South Africa and on to Asia.
These houses were built in the most beautiful areas which had good weather, were fertile and good for growing grapes.
The owners are very proud of their houses and the localities in which they are situated. They are very happy to assist visitors, with suggestion of places to visit and to explain the local customs and traditions.

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