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Publicēts: 06.01.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The topic of this project is “Stockmann” store. It is a Finnish company, which was established in 1862 and is engaged in the retail trade. This company operates in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Russia and now has about 13 000 shareholders. Stockmann has four commercial divisions – Department Store Division, the Vehicle Division, the Hobby Hall Division, which is specialized in mail order sales and e-commerce, and Seppala, which is a chain or fashion stores. In Tallinn, there are 11 Seppala stores, which can be found in actual Stockmann Store, Viru Store and Kristiine Keskus. In few years, Stockmann plans to open two new stores in Latvia and Lithuania. In Latvia, operations of Hobby Hall started in 2001 and have successful mail order sales. Usually Stockmann stores offer customers a knowledgeable shopping environment and good service in a congenial atmosphere. The key to Stockmann’s success is a unique and broad assortment of good products at competitive prices. Most of the products are imported. Stockmann is widely recognized and popular among middle and high-income buyers and tourists. Stockmann sells women’s, men’s and children clothes as well as cosmetics, hardware, electrical products, and generally items for home and garden, plus food. Stockmann is working towards increasing and creating more complete shopping experiences for their customers. This is an advantage, because by providing more things to buy in the store, it is possible to increase the number of impulse purchases. They have developed a shop-in-shop concept and improve it as one of their strategies. …

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