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Publicēts: 31.05.2005.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Jurmala is beautiful town in Latvia placed on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is the largest health resort city in the Baltic Sea region. Jurmala is situated on the Southern coast of the Bay of Riga, 14-44 km West of Riga. It borders with the districts of Riga and Tukums. The distance to Riga is 20 km, the distance to the international airport – 18 km.
Due to the advantageous geographical position it is easy to get into the town from any country of the world.
You can easily come over for a day from Riga to Jurmala by train, car or ship. Trains leave every 10-20 minutes from the central stations platforms 3 and 4. If you go by car, you have to stop at the control post near the Lielupe river to pay a 1 Ls/day toll. If you can also ride a bike to Jurmala, or the bike path from the Imanta railway station, leading through pine forests, to Priedaine, the closest Jurmala district to Riga.
Jurmala offers some of the best relaxation resorts in Latvia. Due to the moderate climate, children and people who cannot stand the hot climate of the south are advised to rest and relax in Jurmala. People get back their health here, especially those who suffer from the failure of heart and blood circulation. Different healthy programmes are developed here for the patients with the breach of motor supporting system. In summer, its natural resources such as mild climate, sea and fresh air, curative mud and spa water and of course the 30 km long sandy golden beach and pine forests, attract plenty of holiday-makers. Active holiday - makers can spend their time on the tennis courts, body - buildings hall, try yachts or water motorcycles, play pool. Jurmala offers great opportunity for the fans of active rest beach volleyball, tennis on the first class courts, yachting, horse riding, billiards and mini golf.
Therefore, there are opportunities for entertainment, rest and sport in Jurmala. Different sport and cultural activities happen throughout the year here: competitions in sport dancing, beach volleyball, street basketball, etc. In the summer concerts of the classic music, performance of the chorus and orchestras take place in the concert "Dzintari", as well every year is arranged competition the “New wave” among young singers.
International TV Pop-music Festival "Jurmala" with the contest for young artists and the exhibition of entertainment industry will take place in Riga (Latvia), 2004.
In Jurmala there are Charming wooden summer cottages, decorated with fascinating carvings, dating back to the 1890-s and successfully harmonising with the more recent spa buildings. At present there are 11 town - constructional, 428 architectural, and 30 arts monuments registered in the city. Most of the buildings have been built according to the drawings of local architects. There are also art galleries, concert halls and local amusements are available. It combines the pleasures of a great European Spa with beautiful, untouched nature.

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