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Publicēts: 08.09.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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  About Riga    3
  The University of Latvia    4
  Latvian National Opera    5
  Freedom Monument    6
  Russian Drama Theater    7
  Great and Small Guilds    8
  Powder Tower    9
  Swedish gate    10
  Riga Dome    11
  St.Jacob's Church    12
  House of Blackheads    13
  St.Peter’s Cathedral    14
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We are glad to invite you to the capital of the Republic of Latvia. Due to most rapidly developing economics of the region during last 10 years, Riga has emerged into a cosmopolitan capital. Gleaming renovated buildings and huge business centers create a modern megapolis look. But city is still cozy and homelike with narrow and twisted streets of the Medieval Old Town and the new bars and cafes that seem to be opening everywhere. It's not surprising that Riga has become famous as the 'Paris of the North'. The city is well known for its architectural and cultural values and developed infrastructure. A lot of cultural events are happening in its theaters, concert halls, art-galleries and museums. And it's also the Latvia's largest center of education and science. This is confirmed by a large number of international exhibitions, scientific conferences and seminars that take place in Riga every year.
Riga is already the de facto Baltic business capital and one of the main economic centers of the region. The city's cross-roads location between Western Europe and huge Eastern markets has always been one of Riga's attractions for business activities. When in the 14-15th centuries Riga became one of the most important trade centers of the Hanseatic League, the city was granted special rights to transport goods along the Daugava further to the East. Nowadays, Riga is also an important transport junction. The main elements that make this city a transit center are the harbor of Riga, Riga international airport and developed railway and road networks. The historically developed transportation infrastructure has facilitated Riga's evolution as the major industrial and business center in the Baltic region.
The focus of tourist attention is firmly on the Old Town, which comes down to the banks of the Daugava River like a maze of twisted cobble streets, beautiful buildings, churches and impressive squares. Across Bastekalns Park lies the New Town, the commercial and business heart of the city, with its broad avenues and grid-like layout. And further down the river the city's port is located.
The Baltic Sea is just over 12km (seven miles) away but Riga's weather is not as harsh as many people imagine. Spring and summer days are often blessed with balmy daytime temperatures and long hours of daylight. When the sun shines, the city's numerous parks fill up, tables spill out of cafes and citizens laze along the city canals in rowing boats. And this gives more Mediterranean than eastern European look to this beautiful city.
The Latvian capital is an amazing place for tourism, vacations and for business visits as well.

Welcome to Riga!

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