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Publicēts: 09.12.2010.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 10 vienības
Atsauces: Nav
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
1.  Introduction    5
2.  Literature review    6
2.1.  How can the hotel be classified in terms of products / services offered to their customers?    6
2.2.  What is specific about the environment of the hotel and its employees who are operating / working here?    7
2.3.  What are the specific needs and objectives of the guests that visit the hotel?    7
2.4.  What is the importance of staff in the concept of the hotel and how do they contribute to guest satisfaction?    8
2.5.  Trend overview    8
2.5.1.  Technology    8
2.5.2.  Economy    9
2.5.3.  Ecology    10
3.  Interview    11
4.  Discussion    12
4.1.  External environment: Etten-leur    12
4.2.  Hospitality model    12
4.2.1.  Product    12
4.2.2.  Behavior    13
4.2.3.  Environment    13
4.2.4.  Needs / Objectives    14
4.2.5.  Conclusion    14
4.3.  Recommendations    15
5.  References    16
6.  Appendix    17
6.1.  Interview guide    17
6.1.1.  Interview agenda    17
6.2.  Interview with the F&B manager in the Trivium spa hotel in Etten-leur    17
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

3.3 Recommendations
The hotel has two main target groups, which are business and leisure guests. However, the main entrance and the lobby area clearly represent itself as a business environment. We, as a group of independent visitors would like to suggest the hotel to pay more attention in the design to leisure guests.
When our research group came to the Trivium hotel for an interview with the F&B manager we had a slight problem with finding a parking space, even dough the hotel was not fully booked that day. This fact brings up our next suggestion to expand the parking facilities, which clearly are not enough (due to the fat that both the building and parking space are used not only by the hotel but also by other companies situated within the grounds of the building).
As it was mentioned by the F&B manager in our conversation, the hotel does a lot to preserve the environment, but does not participate in any ‘green’ program. We think that a participation in a certain program, for example, the Green key is necessary to attract guests who are interested. An actual certificate can clearly indicate their awareness without any further explanations.
The Hampshire Trivium Hotel and Spa has a rate of 50% part time workers, which may have lack of service quality and commitment to the hotel. Also, much more intensive training is required which does involve additional costs.
As it was mentioned earlier, the Trivium hotel has a ‘flat’ organizational structure, but as we know from the interview the organization does not have a General Manager. That fact puts a lot of responsibility on the departmental managers, we suggest improving the organizational model to achieve higher efficiency within the corporate structure.

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