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Publicēts: 08.12.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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First bungee jumping was happened in 1989. It start be popular just after 1992, when man called Ivars Beitans jump from 30 meters high host near the National Opera in Riga (capital city). After that was made Latvian Bungee jumping club in 1994. From this time are happened more than 150 000 lucky jump.
Now it takes a place in Sigulda, 50 km from capital city. People can jump from area cable car, high is 43 meters, and under you is river called Gauja. Season is from May until October, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is really cheap, just 17 – 20 lats (24 – 28 euros).
Bungee jumping is safety, because system can stand at least ten times amount of work. And always you have double safety if instructors are forget something to do. Statistic says that bungee jumping is more safety than driving with car. About everything we can make a joke, but your safety for us is really seriously.
If you are afraid that you will have a pain, don’t worry you don’t. A feeling is like when you are driving with car and then stopped, nothing more. Only peculiarity - at first you are with head to river.
It is possible to jump in tandem, but if you weight together isn’t more than 120 kg.
And you can saw in internet some method of jumping, read them and learn. Like you can jump: routine forwards; backwards; flip.
It is possible to make a reservation in internet if you don’t want to stay in row.
Bungee jumping is only for people considered as adult (over 18 years old).
Just come in www.lgk.lv and do it.
And if you like that, just do it, because - crazy people are owned the world.

Komppula model

Core product is bungee jumping. If we look at bungee jumping from Komppula model, then we can see that they are not offering anyone other services. They don’t have long history; they just have people stories about emotions, feelings what they have after jumping. They are not selling just a jump with rubber; they are selling new experience and new emotions. What kind of emotions? Who knows, it depends of person, maybe you are going and jumping and wouldn’t feel nothing special, but maybe feelings will be amazing. They are not offering other services, just a jump with rubber from cable car and if you want something more, then you need find some another services, or things what to do.
But if we look deeper in this model we can see, other things what bungee jumping can give. It is beautiful view, professional and safe equipment, hospitality, professional peoples in personnel and a lot of emotions.

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