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Felicity Chocolates
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Publicēts: 03.08.2009.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Nav
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
1.0  Executive Summary    1
2.0  Situation Analysis    1
2.1.  Market Summary    1
2.1.1.  Market Demographics    2
2.1.2.  Market Needs    3
2.1.3.  Market Trends    3
2.1.4.  Market Growth    4
2.2.  SWOT Analysis    5
2.2.2.  Weaknesses    5
2.2.3.  Opportunities    6
2.2.4.  Threats    6
2.3.  Competition    6
2.4.  Product Offering    7
2.5.  Keys to Success    7
2.6.  Critical Issues    7
3.0.  Marketing Strategy    8
3.1.  Mission    8
3.2.  Marketing Objectives    8
3.3.  Financial Objectives    9
3.4.  Target Markets    9
3.5.  Positioning    9
3.6.  Strategies    10
3.7.  Marketing Mix    10
3.8.  Marketing Research    11
4.0  Web Plan Summary    11
4.1.  Website Marketing Strategy    12
4.2.  Development Requirements    12
5.0.  Financials    12
5.1.  Break-even Analysis    12
5.2.  Sales Forecast    13
5.3.  Expense Forecast    15
6.0.  Controls    16
6.1.  Implementation    16
6.2.  Marketing Organization    17
6.3.  Contingency Planning    17
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

1.0 Executive Summary
Felicity Chocolates sells prestige and uniqueness of our customers businesses through chocolate promo
materials and corporate gifts. Our success is insured by the best technology, know-how, and brand
leverage in local market. Our technology allows us to offer a wide print in chocolate via photo possibilities
and high output at relatively low costs. Our distribution channels allow our customers to place and receive
orders fast and easy.
We expect our sales to increase by 75% in the first year and be more than $110,000, while keeping our
costs relatively low. We can achieve this by dividing our high fixed costs over other production processes.
2.0 Situation Analysis
Felicity Chocolate's product offerings focus on executive level and marketing department customers who
want to present their business or organization in a unique way with help of prestigious promo materials and
corporate gifts made from the most delicious chocolate. Our market segments include organizations and
businesses of all sizes. We will target these markets through a variety of media including the Internet,
catalog distribution, and personal selling. Our strategy is to make our product information readily available
to those seeking corporate representative materials and gifts. Therefore, we will add internal catalog
publishing and work with online search engines to our existing marketing programs.
Felicity Chocolates occupies a significant market share within the local sweets market and used
mass/demographic marketing for its main product lines. Therefore, this project is challenging because it
requires the use of new marketing strategies. Our competition has historically been cheaper chocolate and
sweets importers. Our new product has unique characteristics that can not be found yet in the local
market, thus our product can experience indirect competition from all companies offering all kinds of
corporate gifts and representative materials. Our nearest competition is Saldi Reklama that offers
personalized packaged promo sweets for corporate clients. However, Felicity Chocolates has the
advantage of strong brand name and wide variety of product personalization.

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