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Die Grunen and the Green Party
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Publicēts: 09.06.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The PR structure assures that political parties or independent candidates win the percent of legislative seats that reflects their public support, which Green Parties argue allows for higher voter turnout due to the population 'knowing that their voices count' . This problem is enhanced by the Greens' belief that change is a realistic strategy brought about by the mounting of local initiatives and developing a groundswell of support . The reality is, as the case of Germany illustrated, the Green Party USA would undoubtedly benefit from a PR system that offers not only more of a political chance, but increased media attention allowing for more widespread dissemination of their policies.

The various political factors and indicators that form the political opportunity structure of a particular country plays a fundamental role in affecting the political chances of third parties such as the Greens. In the case of Germany, the new social movement activity and the institutional factors in the political opportunity structure have combined to act as the primary catalysts for the successful establishment of the Green Party as part of a national coalition government. Green parties in the US have clearly not achieved the widespread success of their German brethren. In their case, an assortment of factors including a lack of resources, funds, media attention and internal division contribute to the current failures of the Green Party USA. The non-proportional 'winner-take-all' two-party electoral system in the United States has a far more prominent role in constraining third party involvement in government. In both cases, it is an amalgamation of factors, and not just one singularly unique factor that directly contributes to the success or failure of Green parties.

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