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Publicēts: 08.06.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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Hotel "Riga" is situated in the most beautiful area - the very city centre, just opposite National Opera House and the Freedom Monument. In the 19th century it was originally a well-known hotel "Rome", built in 1878. During the war the elegant building of "Rome" was destroyed and in 1956 a completely new, grand, six-story hotel building was constructed. It was named after the capital - "Riga" - as it had to become a hospitality symbol of the city. The hotel has maintained to preserve its historical significance untill nowadays amongst a number of important sightseeing objects. The hotel "Riga" is a gateway to the Old Riga, where all the main historical and architectural monuments, embassies, banks, shopping and entertainment areas, as well as other cultural heritage objects are within easy reach. It takes only 20 minutes drive from the International Airport to the hotel "Riga", and 5 minutes walk from the Central Bus and Train Stations.

The hotel features:
Restaurant "Palm Garden" is located on the second floor, and it is the best place in Hotel Riga to have your lunch or dinner in a lovely atmosphere. The interior design is in light beige wall color. It creates an atmosphere of elegance and comfort. Restaurant is one of the most elegant dining places in Riga, offering delicious dishes to individual guests, small parties and banquets. There is served a Breakfast buffet, from Monday-Friday from 7-10.a.m. and Saturtdays and Sundays till 11a.m. Breakfast are included in the price of room.
Lobby Bar is located on the first floor. Different fresheners, quality coffee and individually made cocktails and snacks are served there. You can Meet your friends and business partners here or just enjoy an atmosphere of the Hotel. Wireless internet access (WLAN) is available here.

Business centre is located on the second floor . There guests can use an internet connection, MS Word, Excel, also print, copy and scan files.
Conference facilities. The Hotel conference facilities provide perfect seating for meetings, conferences and private function. The conference rooms of various sizes are well equipped and can host large and smaller audiences. …

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