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Children's Rights
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Publicēts: 19.06.2013.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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Best Interest Principle
BIP generally applies to agencies dealing with childcare, rather than parents. BIP implies all children should be treated equally according to their best interests; however, obviously this is not something we demand of parents.
BIP is extremely demanding on agencies if understood without limitation- we demand neither of parents nor agencies more than a threshold of care.
Second issue with BIP is that it doesn’t take into account the rights of others, say you can improve the life of child A by worsening the life of child B, to deal with this, BIP should be promoted by an impartial party.

Participation rights
We allow for free expression of the child as well as their wishes being taken into consideration. This is not a guarantee of acting upon those wishes in no way, but a substitute for full autonomy nonetheless- the possibility of participation.
Note that if any system recognizes that a child has the capacity to make choices that implies all choices or none of them, unless some of them are classified more difficult by something else than higher risk.

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