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Publicēts: 27.01.2003.
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There are a number of conclusions we can draw from the evidence reviewed.
Firstly, it would appear that all epidemiological evidence does not support causal link between the MMR vaccine and "autistic colitis" and autistic spectrum disorders. However, it is important at this point to recognize that these studies cannot prove that the MMR vaccine is safe but can only exclude specified adverse effects with a certain degree of confidence.
There are a number of flaws associated with the epidemiological studies, thus leaving room for criticism and concern. While Wakefield has also received numerous criticisms concerning his studies much of this criticism is not in the medical profession, but from those employed by the Department of Health; in other words those who have a policy which is undermined by Wakefield's work. Nevertheless, it seems highly unlikely that the Department of Health would continue to support the use of a vaccine, which causes more damage to a child than it does good.
In the words of Brent Taylor "the scientific argument is over. We are left with the sensation-seeking, hysterical press, confused families (and some confused health professionals) and a few concerned MPs...it's just a coincidence that MMR was given about the time that symptoms of autism became manifest" (Personal correspondence).

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