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  • The Electoral College Should Be Abolished: Persuasive Research Paper

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The Electoral College Should Be Abolished: Persuasive Research Paper
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Publicēts: 14.05.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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In 1969, when the House of Representatives passed 338-70 an amendment abolishing the Electoral College. The amendment died when it only received 54 votes in the Senate, 13 short of the required two-thirds. While this effort was ultimately unsuccessful, the overwhelming vote in the House shows that getting such an amendment passed is very well possible (Abolish the Electoral College).
The United States of America, though powerful, is still a young country. There are several occasions throughout our rich history where we discover that something doesn't work and we change it. The Constitution was designed for that very purpose. Our forefathers designed the important document so we can grow and change our government in ways that is beneficial for the greater good. What is more beneficial than granting the citizens of the U.S. the right to finally choose their leader, without technicalities? Our current President often speaks of morality and democracy and we need to set an example. We must instill a system of fairness and equality for elections. We must abolish the Electoral College.

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