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Saks Fifth Avenue vs. Neiman Marcus - a Detailed Company Analysis Using Balance Sheets and Income Statements
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Publicēts: 30.05.2005.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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In conclusion, the Neiman Marcus Group is an exceptionally well maintained company. The financial position is very good and stocks are at an all time high. The only recommendations to be made are to keep increasing sales and finding new methods of doing so. Primarily (as researched), a good way to increase sales is to have more promotions. As well, consider adding another "kind" of inventory, such as lavish electronics. Reduce lines of clothing and the selection of those which are selling well. There is a steady growth each year and a goal will be to try and maintain so. Because we possess such a large amount of money, keep investing so we can have an even higher return. Lastly, because the Neiman Marcus Group is now globally recognised as a strong and powerful company, one more suggestion will be to go international. Right now, there are only locations in the United States. Our reputation has gained us respect globally and I believe it will be a good decision to begin expanding primarily in Europe.…

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