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Publicēts: 17.04.2010.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Children and teenagers want to be accepted by the society, i.e., their contemporaries. But there are rules to observe. Often it means drinking, smoking and even drugs. Of course, these are rules for particular part of youth, but still there are young people who want to belong and if it means bad habits, so be it. They think smoking makes them cool. Often the use of addictive substances and belonging means school non-attendance. But what’s next? No education, no job, no money… only chance left is stealing. This is mainly where criminals come from.
Sometimes addiction is a way to get paid attention from parents or teachers. Parents often work very hard to keep the family and don’t pay attention to their children. So they look for a way to be noticed even if means being bad.
Even if none of this can be referable to some children, is there any who haven’t tried to smoke or drink? It’s all forbidden and it makes teenagers want to try it even more. Of course, trying rarely causes addiction but as we all know there is a thin line.
Computer addiction experienced a boom few years ago. Children didn’t go to school and spent all day in internet-cafes playing computer games. Some addicts spent all night at computer and soon became like crazy. These games often are violent, so they affect the child badly. I don’t think they are the best remedy against depression, a bad mood or anxiety. They just cause anger and problems in school and life.
There are a lot more problems, but the world is not a perfect place. One person can’t change the world, we have to change together!

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