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Publicēts: 15.07.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The congress of Vienna is a perfect example that if the willingness exists from heads of state to look for viable solutions or ways to reach a difficult settlement on the whole future of Europe, overpasses their personal or national ambitions a rather rational and just outcome is present. The rules that were a little bit bent in the Congress such as the doctrine of legitimacy can not drag down all the accomplishments these man do: Castlereagh, Tsar Alexander, Metternich, Handerberg, and Talleyrand to reach for a peaceful agreement. Defects were there without a doubt but the statesmen did all they reasonably could be made upon their efforts. The security of Europe was sealed against any violence disturbance of peace that could be made by any powerful state or a combination of two great powers. In the end they met their goals by other means that were not the ones initially proposed, but were achieved nevertheless .
Times were different, as we might perceive them now. So perhaps that is the reason for the criticism that comes from today's historians and the real work done in the Congress cannot be hidden under the frivolous appearance that it was just a social gathering.

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