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Publicēts: 04.04.2014.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Nav
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The message of the film is more radical than pushing carbon offsets or hybrid cars, but rather changng people's lives. Instead of emphasizing how easy it is for people to green their habits (driving less, better insulating their homes, etc.) experts form an interesting idea which says humanity must learn to start valuing the Earth before we kill it. The point is made quite clearly that the economic system, as currently structured, since it places no value on anything but unending growth, is dangerous to the natural order of things, and will doom us all if not corrected.
I found the first part of the film upsetting to watch even though I have believed we are facing a serious crisis for many years now. The ending was magic though. I loved the way it seemed to build on hope and confidence and left you with the feeling that we can tackle this problem and we can make a difference. We will become better, more loving, more caring people in the process. I agree that we have to find an environment in which you can love and which you can improve on a local level, with people you can relate to. I have believed that this is possible and it was wonderful to see it all laid out in such a beautiful film.

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