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Publicēts: 08.05.2007.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 9 vienības
Atsauces: Ir
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
1.  Introduction    3
2.  Description of Hardenberg    4
3.  Description of the farm    6
3.1.  Feeding capacity of the lands    6
3.2.  Size of plots calculation and crop rotation    7
3.3.  Storing capacity    8
3.4.  Day to day feeding portion    8
3.5.  Milk production    9
3.6.  Manuring    9
3.7.  Buildings    11
3.8.  Machines    12
3.9.  Key people    12
4.  Quality    13
5.  Analyses    15
5.1.  SWOT analysis    15
5.2.  SLEPT analysis    16
5.3.  Porter’s five forces    17
6.  Marketing plan    19
6.1.  Target groups    19
6.2.  Advertising and promoting strategy    19
6.3.  The 4Ps    20
7.  Co-operation with other companies    22
8.  Bibliography    24
9.  List of appendixes    25
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

Rural tourism started around 1970, when a demand for staying at a farm appeared. In the Netherlands the rural tourist products started especially as a camping on a farm. The greatest number of farm services linked to different kinds of activities as cycling, walking or horse riding. Nowadays a great variety of rural tourist products are provided: bed and breakfast, guided tours, animal farms and children playgrounds. One of the activities is making different kind of (agricultural) products, such as cheese and bread. We have chosen this activity, because bread is an everyday need for all people, and cheese is a very typical product of the Netherlands.

Starting a new business always requires careful planning about the resources of the labour, finances, land and animals. Making a business plan can be useful for us, because it can ensure that the company is led systematically. If we do a plan, it represents our future vision about the company, and the way through which we want to achieve our goals.

As we want to take loan from banks and investors, we can convince them by showing that we know what we want to reach with our enterprise, and how we see our business in the future.
Hardenberg is situated in the province Overijssel (East of the Netherlands). The council lays between the beautiful Vechtdal and the Reestdal. The landscape is very different. There is a berg lot of nature, little villages, culture, sports and events.

Nature Reestdal

In the council are a lot of woods, river areas, and peat-soils. On the frontier with the province Drenthe is a small river, called the Reest. The culture landscape around the Reest consist of 700 hectare very beautiful nature with old farms, little parcels, heath, woods, and hay-fields. There are a lot of cycle-paths and foot-paths is this surrounding. Also, there are living roes, badgers, a lot of birds and there are growing unique plants. In the past the provinces did not make a channel from the Reest, because then the provinces Drenthe and Overijssel had to lose land on each other. …

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