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Publicēts: 21.05.2009.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 1 vienības
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• Introduction
This assignment is written to show the ability of utilizing skills being gained within the studies of second year at (university). This Business Plan is written to present and sell a Restaurant Development to prospective investors. Within making this Business Plan we expect to gain valuable experience and by applying our theoretical knowledge to real life situation, enhance our ability to actually build a real company development strategy and business plan. Applying theoretical knowledge to life also shows the errors and empty gaps of each group member. Writing this assignment gives us opportunity to help each other with our knowledge, so that after submitting the paper all members will be able to show a deep understanding in each of the projects parts. And will be able to use his understanding of this essential knowledge in future.

• Company description
Destination Asia, Ltd., a Montreux based company, a single unit, medium- size restaurant serving healthy, contemporary style food. The restaurant will be located at Grand Rue, 1820 Montreux/VD, Switzerland.

• Mission statement
The company’s goal is that of a multi-faceted success. Our first responsibility is to the financial well- being of the restaurant We will meet this goal while trying t o consider;1) the effect of our products on the health and well being of the costumers( and our staff), 2) the impact that our business practices and choices will have on the environment, and 3) the high quality of attitude, fairness, understanding, and generosity between management staff, costumers, and waiters. Awareness of all these factors and the responsible actions that result will give our efforts a sense of purpose and meaning beyond our basic financial goals.

The type of organization- catering organization; will provide costumers with authentic Chinese, Japanese and Thai food. Company’s strengths are that Montreux, the host city, does not have an authentic Asian food outlet. As well committing a feasibility study showed us that Montreux suffers from low standard lounges and their number is very small, which allows them make profit. Residents admitted that they are forced to go to certain outlets just because there is no choice. We consider it as a push factor to us to deliver a high quality lounge and catering outlet to satisfy their needs and wants.
Strength would be the working hours- we serve while others rest.
We should consider our weaknesses as well.
Our business will be brand new, so we have to make a great input to attract customers to our establishment, to introduce them with our philosophy of satisfaction.

The primary costumers of the establishment would be students from Hotel Institute Montreux, Swiss Hotel and Management School, Conservatoire de Musique et Ecole de Jazz Montreux-Vevey-Riviera, Ecole Chantemerle, Institut Surval Mont-Fleuri, Institut Villa Pierrefeu, Virgile Formation.
Secondary costumers – multiple office clerks from closest buildings, such as from Forum commerce center, Muller-Real Estate Agency, United Bank of Switzerland, Credit Suisse, Bank Cantonale Vaudoise.
Tourists visiting Montreux and staying in hotels, would be a progressive costumer segment.
Montreux has a big convention center Stravinski, which is active and hosts big events such as TTW and Montreux Jazz Festival, which could be considered a big costumer supply.

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