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Business Plan "Veģetāriešu virtuve"
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Publicēts: 20.06.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Nav
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  The executive summary    3
1.  Business description    4
1.1.  Company’s mission    4
1.2.  The main aims of the company    4
2.  Competition    5
3.  Market analysis    11
3.1.  The purpose market    11
3.2.  The pricing policy    13
4.  Production    14
4.1.  Products    14
4.2.  Equipment    15
4.3.  Raw products    15
4.4.  Location    16
5.  Management team    17
6.  The industry    19
7.  Strategic plan    20
7.1.  Strategic plan of company    20
7.2.  Tactical plan of company    20
7.3.  Operative plans of the company    20
7.4.  Activities to increase sales    21
8.  Risk factors    23
9.  Financial plan    24
9.1.  Opening balance    24
9.2.  Table of salaries    25
9.3.  Products needed for one week    25
9.4.  Income    26
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7.4. Activities to increase sales
Nowadays advertisements play great part in development and functioning of companies, there are no companies that can go without the advertising. Our company plans to make different activities to increase the sales, including advertisements. It’s not easy to choose the appropriate method of advertisement because the failing in choosing the right one can lead you to financial loses.
The production of our company is meant for vegetarians and those, who simply care for their healthy diet. From the results of different polls and the market segmentation it was estimated, that those people are women from 18 to 55 and men from 30 to 55. They are wealthy and well educated, and know, how important it is to take care of your looks and health. Besides, the biggest part of our target market is made of Ventspils inhabitants, so there is no need of placing our advertisement in the whole Latvian media. Our central attention will be the inhabitants of Ventspils and its region.

Three types of advertising will be used.
1. The advertisement will be placed in the Ventspils local newspaper “Ventspils Balss”. The cost of advertisement in this newspaper is 50 Ls for 25 cm2 advertisement space. The first advertisement will appear a weak before the opening of cafeteria. The next one will appear a day before the opening. It'll cost Ls 100 however the company forecasts, that the costs will be productive.
2. The cost of advertisement on the local radio is Ls 3 for a minute. The advertisement of our company will be aired twice a day starting a week before the opening and it will last for one minute. It will cost Ls 42 for company.
3. We will distribute flyers to Ventspils inhabitants through their mailboxes. 1000 flyers will be created. The cost of one such flyer is Ls 0,025, so the total cost will be Ls 25. For the distribution of those flyers two students will be hired, and they will do it two weeks before the opening of cafeteria. Their task will be to put those flyers in mailboxes of Ventspils residents. The pay for this work will be 5 Ls a day, so the total cost of this advertisement will be Ls 35. The main goal of this action is to introduce our future clients with our services.
The future advertisement strategy will depend of the reaction of our customers, how frequent will they visit our place and of other factors. The creation and distribution of business cards is one more way of advertising and it needs to be further developed. Of course, the best possible way to promote our business is the positive feedback from our customers and their recommendations to others.

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