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Publicēts: 23.04.2001.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 15 vienības
Atsauces: Nav
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Here we are after the work of UN for half century and it’s attempts to fulfill it’s main purpose to bring peace to the whole world but at the same time with it’s 15 current peace keeping operations, some of them unable to settle the situation from 1960’s? Why after it’s 50 years experience all over the world – Korea, Iraq, Haiti, Rwanda, Somalia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Africa there are still so many places were UN can’t bring the war to the end and find the solution for both sides involved in sufferings? Why after Hague, San Francisco Conferences, all the attempts made by presidents all over the world and peace agreements constructed by them can’t bring long term peace in to our lives? Many reports have been written, different attitudes presented by most experienced experts, different suggestions made related to how improve the PKO. The latest most important report written in this connection is the Brahimi report, were new suggestions are made as well as propositions made earlier are one more time strengthened. Will they work and is it real to carry them out in the real life, what is good and bad about these changes proposed - that is what I will try to answer in my report.
The Brahimi report is considered to be a serious step towards meaningful reform of UN PKO and problems related to them, therefore to my mind it is valuable to look at this report more closely .
The Brahimi report suggests many structural changes and the first one is strengthening of staff working there. I personally was shocked by facts that entire Kosovo mission is supported just by 6 full time headquarter staff, Sierra Leone is supported by only 5 people. DPKO’s capacity probably is severely inadequate if they have only 400 staff – including professional and general services- who have to oversee and manage 58,000 people serving in 15 different peace keeping operations over the world. These numbers speak for themselves and I am sure that restructuring and strengthening of DPKO’s staff must take place. Additional Assistant Secretary – General, that was suggested by Brahimi report must be established, as well as the Office of Operations must be strengthened and UN’s capacity for policy planning, information analysis must be enhanced. Structural adjustments are required also at Military and Civilian Police Division, which should be reorganized in two separate divisions and public information planning also needs strengthening. …

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