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The Roles of a Teacher
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Publicēts: 30.04.2012.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 4 vienības
Atsauces: Ir
Laikposms: 2009.g. - 2009.g.
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A questionnaire with the aim to find out students’ opinions about the roles of a teacher was distributed among the 2nd year students of the faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Latvia. The questionnaire was filled out by 10 students who are studying to become English teachers.
The questionnaire consisted of five questions (Appendix 1). The first question asked if students considered teacher to be an actor. The second and the fifth questions concerned the most favorite and useful roles in teachers’ job. The third and the fourth question inquired about the necessity and number of using different roles in the classroom.
From the data, the most important items are as follows. As can be seen in Figure 1 (Appendix 1), 80% of students consider teachers to be actors, while 20% said mostly yes. Questioning about how many teacher roles they can name, there were about 30 of them. The most favorite ones were that a teacher should be a leader, an organizer, a listener, a friend, an actor. There were also few interesting roles such as singer, superman, parent, and army sergeant. The following comments can be made about the importance and the usage of roles. All of the questioned students thought that it is important or very important to use different roles. According to Figure 2 (Appendix 1), 80% of respondents consider only a few roles per lesson to be used. But 20% thought that they would use as many as necessary, taking into account students’ mood and the topic of lesson. The last question asked to mark the roles that the respondents would use in their lessons. The most favourite were Organizer, Observer, Explainer, and Participant (Figure 3 (Appendix 1)).
If any conclusions can be drawn from the data, I was 100% sure that mostly all respondents would consider a teacher to be an actor, and it was so. Possibly, the vast majority of the new English teachers would use different roles in their lessons because of the importance of how the information is offered and taught. What could be more important, they would use all of the roles, according to the situation.

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