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Publicēts: 27.04.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 6 vienības
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But still, apart from Taylorism, human have rights to choose to do it or not and also receive enjoyment from the job. While working in adventure tourism industry it is important to assess the risks, because this industry can be very dangerous. For this reason, there is higher likely-hood that employer leads the business by human relation management. More specifically, human relation management includes such benefits as: personal development, sick pay, training, health and safety, good working environment, recruitment and selection. (FdA Managing Activities and People lecture notes, 2010)

In the end of 19th century, when the industrialisation had the highest top, it was important to find the most efficient method to manage business. There were two man’s, Taylor and Fayol, who provided two different management theories, both of them were briefly successful. But later, Mayo arise with the idea that human can not be a machine, human has feelings and needs, which have to be satisfied. Human relations gave this opportunity for personal development and recognition. In Adventure tourism industry its all about human relations, workers need to be motivated to take up risky activities, as well as to take responsibility for leading group, and this is employers` task to do. To sum up, it can be seen, that few basic organisational elements from Classical and Scientifical management are being used in today’s Adventure Tourism industry.

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