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Passage planning
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Publicēts: 09.05.2007.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Nav
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Passage planning is necessary to support the bridge team and ensure that the ship can be navigated safely between ports from berth to berth. The passage plan should cover ocean, coastal and pilotage waters. The plan may need to be changed during the voyage (e.g. the destination port may not have been known or altered), or it may be necessary to amend the plan following consultation with the pilot. If the plan is changed during the voyage, the bridge team on each watch should be consulted and briefed to ensure that the revised plan is understood.

The passage plan should aim to establish the most favourable route while maintaining appropriate margins of safety and safe passing distances offshore. When deciding upon the route, the following factors are among those that should be taken into account:
the marine environment;
the adequacy and reliability of charted hydrographic data along the route;
the availability and reliability of navigation aids, coastal marks, lights and radar conspicuous targets for fixing the ship along the route;
any routeing constraints imposed by the ship e.g. draught, type of cargo;
areas of high traffic density;
weather forecasts and expected current, tidal, wind, swell and visibility conditions;
areas where onshore set could occur;
ship operations that may require additional searoom e.g. tank cleaning or pilot embarkation;
regulations such as ships’ routeing schemes and ship reporting systems;
the reliability of the propulsion and steering systems onboard.
The intended voyage should be planned prior to the departure using appropriate and available corrected charts and publications. The master should check that the tracks laid down are safe and the chief engineer should verify that the ship has sufficient fuel, water and lubricants for the intended voyage. In addition, the duty of the master is to exercise professional judgement in the light of changing circumstances remains a basic requirement for safe navigation. …

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