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Publicēts: 12.05.2014.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 25 vienības
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"Nike Golf is passionately dedicated to ushering in the future of this great game by developing ground-breaking innovations that enable athletes to perform at their physical and mental peak" (Nike golf, 2013). In order to up the sales on its golf products, Nike makes sure that every golf club; every dri-fit shirt, socks, and gloves fit the athlete. What better way then having each pro-golfer have a collection. This allows the consumer to say, this is from Tiger Woods collection. Behind it, Nike embeds the thought that since Woods uses it, it must be great, and since its Nike, the quality must be top notch.
"Nike is one of the most recognized brands globally and the leader in athletic shoes and apparel" (Nike company). When focusing on income and profits, Nike breaks it down into three different categories: footwear being number one at 53%, Apparel next on the list at 28%, and finally a mixture between equipment and others add up to 19%. These three categories sum up why Nike has become such a worldwide powerhouse in the athletic market.
The Nike industry developed its reputation due to the thirst of becoming number one. As time went on Nike focused on building a high performance and innovative aggressive product. "It’s not just about getting better at what we do—addressing impacts throughout our supply chain—it’s about striving for the best, creating value for the business and innovation for a better world" (sustainable business). Risk taking ideas are what founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman live for; no idea surrounds an unintelligent idea. The only problem that follows: What a customer wants now might change what’s in demand tomorrow.

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