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Publicēts: 27.12.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 3 vienības
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Overall, the logistics strategy can be defined quite simply - as much as possible to buy cheaper and better materials, but there is more focus on quality of materials and the search for alternatives, as well as inventory control in the field of non-liquid materials. For example, certain technological reasons, the board has developed a specific surplus, which cannot be used for other purposes. The current strategy is to be active in the realization of illiquid after only one year, the material has spent Kvadra Pak stock. The author's recommendation is a month after the existence of non-liquid to seek opportunities to sell a minimum of cost, if not, then at 6 months to reduce the purchase price of up to 90%. The other hand, if the material is in Kvadra Pak warehouses more than a year, then cut the price to 80% of the cost or considers any offer. Such a company able to optimize the storage, reducing storage costs and accelerate cash flow.

To be competitive, it must be able to combine their skills with available resources. 2007th the market situation shows that the resources (at least the main raw material form) are widely available, so the Kvadra Pak strategy is to focus on the ability or skill development.
Mainly emphasizes on the know - how, or technological competence of a high level, possibly higher than competitors, and it also has Kvadra Pak competitive advantage.
But also the amount of expenses directly affect end-product prices and hence demand. Therefore, Kvadra Pak is working intensively towards cost reduction, mainly by replacing staff with the equipment and increasing productivity.
The main problem is to increase the productivity of skilled labor as a significant lack of resources, so far as possible, the company trains new employees, mainly professionals contribute their skills and knowledge of junior staff.
Production quality is also a business priority. This factor is especially important given the fact that the company mainly manufactures packaging for food products, so that each can be of consistently high quality.
An important step in the operation of the circulation of information, in printing production in a complex process, which is important to many factors and are involved in a large number of employees, such as designers, constructors and the print-line operators.
Pak Kvadra its work uses modern equipment and tools, but due to the new plant construction, is planned for part of the existing plants, not to transfer, but to buy new ones. The company's management will give due consideration, it may be necessary to introduce a new, radically other technologies, such as print buying machine that can print on metallized board, which would open up access to new market segments, such as perfume packaging.

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