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Publicēts: 28.03.2007.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Nav
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  Description of the existing situation   
  Project statement. Project goal and objectives   
  Activities. Time frame   
  Project organizational structure   
  Project resources   
  Analyzing project assumptions   
  Project feasibility and sustainability factors   
  Project impact   
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“4 green” is NGO which is situated in Jelgava, it has 5 year of experience in designing and implementing different range of projects which are dedicated to environment. The main goal of this non- profitable organization is to make and improve environment of Latvia as much ecological as it is possible. Memebers of this organization are students of Latvia University of Agriculture, volunteers from European Union countries and youth from local schools.
On this day there are not any legal cemeteries for pets in Jelgava and it’s region where inhabitants could bury remains of their pets. And it makes big threats for environment, because people bury their pets in the public places, such as local parks, and these human activities are unfriendly for environment of Jelgava. That why members of NGO “4green”- Nadežda Smirnova, who is project manager, Alise Kante, who is manager assistant, Jana Kuriloviča, who is project accountant and Inga Paršova, who is secretary of the project, have designed a project „Oasis of Peace”. By implementing this project inhabitants of Jelgava and it’s region who have a need to bury ramains of their pets will be satisfy and environment of public places and terriroty in Valgunde district will be improved.
The goal of this project is to prevent illegal burial of pets and to enable development of environment in Jelgava and it’s region.
To achieve the goal the project will pursue 2 major objectives:
To create a legal cemetery for pets in Jelgava, in Valgundes district
To inform pets owners that such special cemetery exists in Jelgava’s region
These objectives will be achieved through the 5 main activities, which are: project administration, signing of contracts, search for employees, cleaning up territory, advertising activities evaluation. And these activities are subdivided. It means that implementation is properly planed.
The project will be implement in 48 days. It will starta t 1st of May in year 2007 and will finish at 17 th of june in year 2007. It will take place in Jelgava region, Valgundes district. The place for the cemetry is 20 min far from the bus stop, it means that geographicaly it is available for inhabitants.
To implement the project will be used human ( workers, project working group) , material (tractors, tools, seeds etc.), financial (money for salary and renting), technical (computer) resources. …

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