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Publicēts: 26.11.2008.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 8 vienības
Atsauces: Nav
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

I made 5 day journey to Nice and Monaco. This trip is made for people starting from 21 year. And it’s made as individual trip for peoples who like fast cars, party life and casinos and of course those who like to see something new. We can call it as fly-drive holiday which will start in Riga and exactly in Riga’s airport.
12. June. (first day)
Trip starts in Riga’s airport where you have to check-in to the direct flight to Nice. Flight is on 11:20, so you have to be in airport approximately on 09:20. In Nice you will arrive at 13:30. Then you have to turn back the clock for one hour, because there is one hour difference. We have rent a car (Peugeot 307 convertible), for you and this car will be near the Nice airport, before you take a car, you have to register in “Easy terra” car rental, which is located in airport, tell that you are arrived and they will give you a key and all necessary documents. Peugeot 307 convertible is equipped with GPS, so you don’t have to care about lost in Nice or Monaco. Also in car will be paper road map, if something goes wrong with GPS.
Your first hotel is in Monaco, and it’s called “Le Quai Des Princes” and it’s four star hotel near sea. Breakfast is include every day. From Nice you drive to this hotel, which is 30 minutes from Nice airport, then check-in and relax a bit. …

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