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Publicēts: 19.04.2016.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 8 vienības
Atsauces: Nav
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  Introduction    2
  Negative aspects of gossip and rumors    2
  Positive sides of the rumors and gossip    3
  7 types of office gossip likely to get you fired    4
1.  Crime    4
2.  Alcohol or Drug Addiction    4
3.  Infidelity    4
4.  Societal Deviance    4
5.  Health    5
6.  Work History    5
7.  Sexuality    5
  Making the grapevine work for you    5
  Taking everything you hear with a grain of salt    5
  Contributing at your own risk    6
  Using the grapevine to your advantage    6
  Top 5 tips to deal with rumor mill at work    6
  Conclusion    7
  List of references    8
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

3) Counteracting office rumor with rumor. Sometimes rumors can work in your favor. If you think that a rumor can support your cause, you can fuel it.
4) Laughing it off. Time after time, you will hear gossip and rumors about yourself in the office that you may not like. In fact, they may boil your blood. Sometimes, the best solution is to laugh it off. Your nonchalant attitude and mockery towards to rumor will be insulting for the person in the office who is responsible for spreading it.
5) Confronting the person responsible for the rumor. There will be times when there are nasty things said about you in the office. If you feel that such a rumor holds no place in a professional work environment, you may confront the person responsible for the gossip and tell him/her that it will not be tolerated or accepted.
To sum the mentioned aspects up, I would like to make the conclusion with a help of the quote, which will never lose its relevance, because it was said by Eleanor Roosevelt: “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Right priorities put in the appropriate order will get rid of misunderstanding between the colleagues.

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