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Publicēts: 25.06.2012.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 7 vienības
Atsauces: Nav
Laikposms: 2011.g. - 2012.g.
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
1.  Preface   
3.  Problem Formulation   
3.1.  Introduction   
3.2.  Problem motivation   
3.3.  Problem statement   
3.4.  Methodology   
3.5.  Delimitation   
4.  In-Depth Company Description   
4.1.  Supply chain management   
5.  PESTLE analysis   
5.1.  Political landscape   
5.2.  Economical landscape   
5.2.1.  GDP and Growth rate   
5.2.2.  Inflation   
5.2.3.  Employment   
5.3.  Social landscape   
5.4.  Technological landscape   
5.5.  Legal landscape   
6.  Environmental landscape   
7.  Scrap metal industry in UK   
7.1.  Porters 5 forces   
7.1.1.  Supplier power   
7.1.2.  Substitutes   
7.1.3.  Risk of new entrants   
7.1.4.  Competitive rivalry   
8.  Freight transport industry   
8.1.1.  Transport in UK   
8.1.2.  Transport in Europe   
9.  SWOT analysis   
10.  TOWS Matrix   
11.  Konos’ model   
12.  Marketing mix, 7 P’s   
12.1.  Product   
12.2.  Price   
12.3.  Place   
12.4.  Promotion   
12.5.  People   
12.6.  Physical evidence   
12.7.  Process   
13.  Conclusion   
14.  List of sources and literature   
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

12.7 Process
In order to give a better experience for customer everything has to run smoothly. This is the place where the electronic Supply Chain Management comes in handy. It registers every movement of scrap metal and every expected delivery from long term clients. This way company can do everything faster and more effectively. Also the Identification and registration process for each transaction happens electronically. The employee at site enters all your data immediately so that right after the id check, quality check and weighing is done the company system gets the green light to start the money transfer to clients account. This will ensure very fast money transfers and will give a huge competitive advantage since after few months it won’t be possible to deal with cash in this industry and most of competitors deal only with cash. Also the metal weighing process and quality check is very smooth. While customer deals with ID check, gives his bank details and gets registered in system, the quality check and weighing is already done and customer can leave happy. And also the further transporting of scrap metal is registered electronically therefore making it easy to control. SIA Tolmets are ahead of most of companies in terms of innovation and development and judging from their investments in the field they will keep with this trend.

13 Conclusion
After performing a deep Internal analysis of SIA Tolmets I couldn’t find any relevant weaknesses. Everything indicates the strengths of company. It has nearly perfect Supply Chain Management, Highest technologies, best results in environmental aspects and strong financials. All this indicates that company is ready to enter a new market.
After analyzing the external factors we can see that several challenges arise. Biggest of them might be the geographical distance. There are marine freight possibilities therefore it should be possible to keep the expenses low enough to compete with good prices. UKs market for scrap metal is very big and shows positive growth. SIA Tolmets already meets the entry requirements for the market. The competition is steep but most of them can’t offer such efficiency and technological performance as our company. The economical situation is stable enough. Company already has experience with trading overseas. When we breakeven the threats and opportunities arising when entering UK market, we can clearly see that opportunities out shadow the threats. I also made an example of marketing mix useable for entering the UK market.
After all the analysis and strategic planning I can conclude that with properly detailed and very carefully developed marketing mix, great promotional mix, and proper investments United Kingdoms’ scrap metal market is a good choice for SIA Tolmets.

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