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Publicēts: 17.05.2011.
Valoda: Latviešu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 9 vienības
Atsauces: Ir
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  Introduction    3
1.  Historical background of the English language    4
2.  Peculiarities between British and American English    6
2.1.  Differences in spelling    6
2.2.  Punctuation differences    8
2.3.  Vocabulary differences    9
2.4.  Differences in grammar    11
3.  Distinction in phonetics    14
3.1.  Consonants    14
3.2.  Vowels    14
3.3.  Affixes    15
  Conclusion    17
  List of literature    18
  Annotation    19
  Anotācija    20
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

In research work the author has explored the differences between British English and American English. All of us have to know these differences, because American English is different from British English and sometimes our ignorance leads to unexpected situations. Knowing both varieties of English would help us to communicate with native speakers. There are not only oral differences, but also written. American and British English have differences in spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and we need to know all of them.
Differences in spelling, such as double l in British English hardly could be recognizable orally. Of course, American and British English have words with the same meaning, but with different spelling.
We should know correct grammar. Although there is no big difference in grammar between American and British English, but still there are some tendencies of the usage, for example, singular or plural forms. The usage of tenses (for example, present perfect in American English is replaced by the simple past tense) is distinct.
Undoubtedly, we should know the main differences in writing, for example, if we want to write a letter or other document to Great Britain or United States of America. Some mistakes can be misunderstood in particular situation, because there is a distinction in punctuation between British and American English.
We need to follow our word choice in Great Britain and United States of America, because the same words in British English have other meanings in American English. That is why we need to know the vocabulary variations in British and American English. It helps us to be more free in communication and not to be misunderstood.
In order understand each other better, we need to know pronunciation, it is very necessary. Of course, no one can learn all accents and dialects in English, but to recognize the main differences in pronunciation is very useful. Consonants do not differ a lot, but vowels are different. The same letter may produce different sounds in American and British English.
The hypothesis of my scientific research work has been proved. British and American English is really different in spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. With my work I showed the main differences in these two varieties of English. The tasks of the work have been carried out and the main aim achieved. This scientific research work should serve as a supplementary teaching and learning aid studying the common and different aspects of American and British English.
It is very useful to all of us to learn English and its varieties. It is so interesting to find out something new. English will never disappear, that is why we need to learn English as good as we can. We need to communicate with other people, but one of the most popular languages is English.

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