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Publicēts: 03.06.2019.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 36 vienības
Atsauces: Nav
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Part ii
This whole journey working in a teams for a common goal, which was to produce two presentations was hard and as a team we had our ups and downs. In my opinion our team was dysfunctional. We faced a lot of challenges such as lack of communication and trust, poor teamwork and decision making and low-level meeting and time management. Moreover, our team was very diverse and working together with people across the world was very challenging. I believe I have a potential to become a leader, but working in a team made me realize I need to improve my emotional intelligence in order to become a successful leader I want and I can be. One of the problem roots to every issue that arose in our team was the consequence of my poor emotional intelligence. Emotions is the invisible link that connects people with each other and more importantly emotional intelligence is a vital element in order to tackle conflict (Hughes & Terrell, 2011). In my opinion, improving not only mine, but team’s emotional and social intelligence (ESI), we would learn how to respond to the conflict effectively and therefore it would lead to a better decision making, loyalty and improved trust. Therefore, we could improve conflict resolution skills by individually becoming aware of our emotions and by building positive mood (Hughes, Thompson, & Terrell, 2009). Good starting point as well of solving a conflict would be creating a climate, where team members feel free to express their assumptions and attitudes they might have towards the conflict and by trying to get the best possible outcome of worst situation. Secondly, by developing trust. I value honesty a lot. Trust allows people to be honest and challenge with each other and it is one of the crucial elements in order to handle a conflict well. Also, it brings people closer. However, trust comes from the experience, it can be improved through variety of trust building exercises. For example, caring about each other more, showing concern about their welfare (Runde & Flanagan, 2008). Overall it would affect our team efficiency and we would perform better in the future. In addition, time management was crucial, everything was happening in the last minute, which made me feel anxious and stressed. …

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