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Publicēts: 12.01.2015.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 7 vienības
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This family in our field sight of 6 years. Also it is an example of that the society did not accept it of the child because of its functional condition. The boy till 6 years was in a kindergarten in special group. It was in a society, was socialised. And mother and the father had possibility to work. But when to the child 6 years in its school were executed refused to take, and the day centre for such children in Yelgava is not present. Parents wanted, that their child was in a society because in spite of the fact that he does not speak, and does not move, the permanent care is necessary to it, it is necessary to feed him, it needs to be in society. Such child under the law consider as not trainee, therefore in its school did not take. But as a result only at the age of 9 years of the child took in school. And it is in school in the afternoon, it receives leaving and is in a society. The boy is in group with children with an illness at special school. This example also shows, what not all experts (teachers, social workers and even doctors) could accept it as the person to whom the socialisation is necessary, many and said that it is "vegetable", it is necessary nothing for it and only felt sorry for parents. As a result persistence of parents has helped to achieve to break stereotypes. The boy regularly receives service of musical therapy, positively reacts horse theraphy. Conditions in a family stable and parents have dared at one child, in a family there was one more child. The social service supports this family, but also the family is a society part.
I consider that it is a good example as the biomedical model works in practice. The material income does not undertake in attention. The serious illness is yet the end and all depends as the person himself concerns illness, whether on the person depends there is it a society part, whether it needs it. After all often happens so that the person is healthy, but he does not want to be in society or on the contrary. Illness it not a barrier to it. "Health this full physical, spiritual and social condition of state of health and not only absence of illnesses and physical defects."

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