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Publicēts: 13.06.2007.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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On the 25th of October 1991 under the scope of the Ministry of Traffic a new State institution – Road Traffic Safety Directory (RTSD-in English, CSDD- in Latvian) was established. So it was necessary to pass appropriate legislation background. In 1994 the Cabinet published the laws with a legislation power “About road traffic”, and three years later the President of the State posted “The road traffic law.” It prescribes what pursues with road traffic general office, distributes the driving licenses, registers transports, develops road traffic laws and also prescribes driver’s obligations and rights.
From 1997 RTSD is a non-profit state corporation. Its main tasks are to register transport vehicles, accept exams from new potential drivers and distribute driving licenses, provide technical inspection, to take control over roads to be in safe condition, as well as to serve as an informative and supportive institution.
PR functions have been used from the moment of foundation. The image for this PR department is in the first place, because this institution is a mediator between the state and society. It has to create the confidence for both of them. RTSD tries to avoid any corruption scandals to preserve its image.
The Institution’s main goal is to take care about the traffic safety, so they are making many different campaigns to inform and educate the traffic participants.
Every year the institution is making different campaigns. For example in 2001 “Save the friend, do not allow him to drive drunk!” in 2003 “Survives who uses seatbelt!” and in 2005 “Drink. Drive. Join.” …

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