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  • Amity and Enmity Patterns and Securitization Dynamics in the Middle East


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Publicēts: 14.04.2009.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 8 vienības
Atsauces: Ir
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  Introduction    3
  Theoretical perspective and explanation of social constructions- amity / enmity patterns and identities    4
  Theoretical perspective and explanation of social constructions- amity / enmity patterns and identities    10
  Examples of amity and enmity patterns and securitization dynamics in the Middle East    13
  Concluding remarks    17
  Used sources    19
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The Middle East is one of the most difficult and conflicting regions of whole last century, which continues to be the one also nowadays with its seemingly endless hostilities and military clashes. That determines and increases an importance of studies of the dynamics of the security policy in the Middle East. Whole Middle East region is too broad and general to analyze at the same time, so it is preferable to distinguish different parts of it and study them separately first. For this it is necessary first to analyze the most influential part of it- the one of the Middle East or Arab- Israeli conflict, which, is Levant- accordingly to Buzan and Wæver (2005: 51), a sub-complex of Regional Security Complex Theory that consists of Israel (including Palestinian territories), Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan.
Amity and enmity patterns are crucially important in analyzing international relations and international security policy, because these are the patterns of relationships between states, which determine perceptions of some states being a threat and therefore they determine the tendencies of securitization. Middle East is very complicated case also because of these patterns and securitization dynamics, which requires deeper studies of these relations and tendencies.
Taking a general overlook on the Middle East inter-regional relations, it seems that sometimes hostilities will never end. However, slightly, but still the relations are changing all the time. And so therefore are changing the perceptions of neighboring states being a threat (if not changing extremely, then at least in terms of increase or decline of this perception). So the main question arises: do- and if so- how the changes in amity / enmity patterns affect dynamics of securitization? So for the supposition of this research paper to verify will be stated, that The changes in amity / enmity patterns cause securitization chain reaction.
To analyze if the statement made above is true, the main tasks here are to find out what kind of amity / enmity relations exist in the above specified region; what are the changes in these patterns that had occurred in the past and could occur in future; how these changes may affect and transform relations with and between other states in the same regional security sub-complex; what are the tendencies of the securitization in the sub-complex and what are the impacts of amity / enmity patterns on that; does chain reaction of securitization exists and does it occur in the specified sub-complex; and finally- how do the changes of amity / enmity patterns affect dynamics of securitization.

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