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Publicēts: 20.01.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Season: May-September
Distance: ~50 km – one day or two days,spending the night at tourism facilities
Duration: ~1-2 days
Type of bicycle: Mountain bike
Difficulty: Medium
Route: Kolka-Vaide-Saunags-Pitrags-Košrags-Dūmele-Ezermuiža-Melnsils-Kolka
Road cover: Forest roads along approximately 2/3 of the way, paved roads elsewhere
Beginning: Kolka (car park or other location)
End: Kolka (car park or other location)
Markings: The “Apakšceļš” part is color marked. The Kolka – Košrags part is marked by green signs with cycling symbol.
Alternatives: You can ride the route in any direction, or start at Košrags or Melnsils, because it is a circular route.
Distance from Liepāja: 197 km
Logistics: A circular route which ends where it started
Note: The forest roads, particularly between Košrags and Dūmele, can be a mess,
particularly after spring rains. There are a few sandy areas which will be more difficult to traverse.

Emergency services: Ring 112

Kolkas rags
(2 )Kolkasrags is the most distinct horn along the Latvian seashore, and it is the place where the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Rīga come together. The horn
extends under the sea for another five kilometres and up to the Kolka lighthouse.
The sun rises and sets in the sea at Kolkasrags are some really
fantastic views. Swimming is not recommended here because of shifting currents
and sand. A monument by the sculptor Ģirts Burvis, “Those Taken by the
Sea,” has been installed in the dunes at Kolkasrags.The monument represents a
gate through which the Kolka lighthouse can be seen. Other points of interest
include a wrecked ship, a rock marking the centre of Europe, information stands
dedicated to the founder of Latvia’s maritime industry, Krišjānis Valdemārs, and
a former Soviet military base which is used today by the Latvian Coast Guard
and which can be viewed only from the outside. During spring migration, there
are lots of birds at Kolkasrags, and this is of interest to bird watchers. There is a
convenient car park, benches with tables, a visitor centre, and, during the summer
season, a small café where you can have a delicious meal.…

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