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Publicēts: 24.03.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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DAY 1: UK - Venice.
Fly to Venice where you will be met and transferred to your cruise ship. (D)
DAY 2: Venice - Taglio di Po - Polesella.
We start our enchanting journey by setting sail in the beautiful Venice Lagoon and sparkling Adriatic Sea. During the morning, enjoy the many facilities on board or simply relax on deck. After arriving in Taglio di Po at lunchtime, why not take an optional excursion to Padua? This picturesque town is enclosed by ancient walls and has a latticework of arcaded streets opening out into a beautiful central piazza. The tour takes in the famous Basilica of St Anthony and allows plenty of time to stroll around its charming streets. Afterwards, rejoin your ship and continue sailing to Polesella. (B, L, D)
DAY 3: Polesella - Ferrara - Verona - Taglio di Po.
This morning, visit the beautiful medieval town of Ferrara, awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO. Ferrara has several breathtaking palaces, dating back to the 14th century, which hosted the court of the house of Este. Rejoin your ship for lunch before visiting picturesque Verona. With a long roll call of sights including a dazzling Roman amphitheatre, a cavernous medieval Basilica and Juliet's legendary balcony, this beautiful city has justifiably been granted UNESCO World Heritage status. (B, L, D)
DAY 4: Taglio di Po - Chioggia - Venice.
After breakfast, arrive in Chioggia for time at leisure in this typical Adriatic fishing port. You may wish to stroll along its canals, sip a cappuccino or frappé at one of its many open-air cafes or simply soak up its relaxed, sleepy atmosphere. This afternoon, we continue sailing back to Venice where there's free time to dip your toes into this entrancing city.…

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