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Latvian, Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian Traditional Instruments
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Publicēts: 28.01.2010.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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In the eastern coast countries of the Baltic see you can find a musical instrument which name is similar in all the languages of this region:
Finnish kantele, Karelian kandeleh, Vepps kandel, Libian kandla, Lapps gandel, Lithuanian kankle, in Pskov and Novgorod region gusli, Latvian kokle, kokles.
As the archeological excavation show all of them have a common ancestor – a five string instrument made of a single piece of wood.

Latvian kokle
The Kokle is a stringed instrument that's thousands of years old. It resembles a zither.
The kokle is at the heart of Latvian folk culture. It nearly disappeared in the 20th century. But now it's making a strong comeback.
Legend has it that the Gods cut the wood for the first kokle from a tree that grew on the grave of a young girl who had drowned.
When they played their new instrument, the grieving mother recognized her lost child's voice in its hypnotic sound.
The sounds of the ethnographic kokle convey an emotional experience.
They raise national self-awareness, love and respect towards the nation and its moral values. The sounds of the kokle make the soul more beautiful.

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