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Publicēts: 27.04.2021.
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Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Jim Thompson House - Thailand
This building was built after the Second World War so that the architect Jim Thompson could display his extensive collection of Asian art;
It was designed by combining 6 traditional Thai houses that were brought down the river from Ayutthaya and Bangkrua;
Some of these houses were placed on elevated platforms and all were connected by a staircase located in the center of the home.

Siheyuan house - China
These buildings consist of four buildings, which are arranged in a rectangular shape with a courtyard or garden in the center;
Usually the entrances of such houses are guarded by two lion statues on each side;
In fact, this particular design is utilized for monasteries, businesses, temples, government buildings, and palaces as well.

Yurt - Central Asia
These houses are built of a prefabricated wood frame, usually covered with wool felt or animal skins;
An extra layer of canvas is used today to protect against bad weather;
One of its most important features is the steeply sloped roof, which has a hole in the center that allows smoke to escape from the home.

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