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Publicēts: 27.04.2016.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Avoid from...
Too much flattery — the males react against it.
Australian-style brashness—New Zealanders hate it.
Any form of hard sell.
Making statements you cannot back up.
Overly ambitious schemes.
Criticizing apparent national dullness (“New Zealand was closed when I was there”).

Intercultural communication / Bodylanguage
New Zealanders are generally very interested in terms of where you come from and your reason for visiting, working or immigrating.
New Zealanders have a wonderful sense of humour, are friendly and will certainly react to meeting someone new accordingly.
As a first impression, a good dress sense is important and a firm handshake.
It is not a custom to kiss the person on the cheek unless you are good friends
It generally is not the custom to kiss both sides of the cheeks.
Offensive conversation could be comparisons on why things are better where you come than in New Zealand (i.e. government, recreation, etc.)
New Zealanders can be very proud of their country.

Intercultural communication / Bodylanguage
Reasonable distance from the other person during a conversation (2-3 feet);
failure to do so can be perceived as either annoying or aggressive.
Eye contact is important. It is seen as a reflection of level of sincerity and openness.
Until you really get to know the person, it pays not to come across as being overly confident. It is better to be modest.
Touching people is generally accepted; however, comfort zones depend on how well you know the person. Doing so is considered a gesture of encouragement, sincerity or friendliness.

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