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Publicēts: 16.02.2010.
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Cuba is ...
Cuba is the Caribbean's largest island and the seventh in size island in the world. It is located 145 km south of Florida. Northern coast is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the south coast - Caribbean Sea. Cuba comprises more than 1,500 islands indescribable beauty.

Activity in Cuba
Cuba - it is a paradise for fishermen, scuba diving, biologists and underwater photographers. Underwater world is very rich, as well as on other Caribbean islands. Islands in fresh and salty waters of a population of approximately 900 animal and fish species from which the dolphins can tick, Barracudas, bonito, rays, sea bass, Murena, lobster, Marine angelfish group, mackerel and sharks. Occasionally, near the Atlantic coast to swim whale. Warm water is very catching jellyfish, octopus and sea turtles. There is growing different types of coral. Also on the seabed, lying wrecked Spanish Galion Wrecks and twentieth-century iron ship.

Climate in Cuba
Humid, tropical. Warmest month of July, in which the temperature reaches +30 º C, while the coldest month is January: + 21 º C. Rainy from May to October and dry from November to April.

Underwater world
Sunk ship

National Cuisine:
food - cheap: 5 - 10 $, medium-quality: 10 - 20 dollars, high-quality: 20 and more dollars. Cuba's national cuisine is felt in the Spanish, African, and Asian influence.

Accommodation facilities:
to live in hotels in Cuba, home to legally let room, or house, that do so illegally. Cuban authorities of the government before entering the country require hotel voucher.…

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