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Publicēts: 29.01.2019.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Nav
Laikposms: 2017.g. - 2019.g.
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Every component needs to come together to carry out a successful public relations project and that means being able to meet deadlines and work under time constraints. Gregory’s planning model suggests that after a campaign’s strategies and tactics have been identified, timescales need to be organised (2010, cited in Gregory and Willis, 2013). This is to ensure that tasks are distributed evenly over the allocated time period and that each team member can be given a role and end goal to work towards. There are two methods that can be used to organise tasks and increase productivity and speed. The first is to see that every member working on a project fill out timesheets detailing how long it will take to complete each task.

Another useful tool to use is a GANTT Chart, a time plan aimed to calendarise the process provide a visual representation of the deadlines that need to be met in the lead up to the destination of the campaign. This can be compiled by identifying the key tasks that need to be completed as a first step. These tasks then need to be ordered chronologically so that everything runs smoothly. For example, research would be placed before event planning on a GANTT Chart. The third step is to check that the there are no national or local events, public holidays, or any other factors that could halt or disrupt the process. Accounting for any interferences will keep the process on schedule (Morris and Goldsworthy, 2016). Based on all of the responsibilities that need to be carried out to host the beauty seminars, Cryolab’s GANTT Chart should look the image above.

As shown above, there is a clear visual of all the roles that need to be performed and when they need to be performed by.

The implementation section highlights the actual carrying out of the campaign, setting up the beauty seminars in the local beauty specific stores (Space NK, Beales (Bournemouth and Poole stores). The lead up to the Cryolabs opening needs to involve informing potential clients of what Cryolabs are and how they work as well as the benefits. The treatment needs to be portrayed as an innovative, luxury treatment with quick and reliable results. Local beauty influencers should be invited and encouraged to create online content such as blogs, social media posts and YouTube videos acknowledging that Cryolabs is a new and interested breakthrough in the beauty industry.

The physical promotion aspect needs to be prepared in advance to ensure that all leaflets, flyers and any other forms of physical communication excite the intended demographic. These items should be distributed in locations where people interested in their appearance are likely to be, for example, gyms, department stores where beauty counters operate, LUSH Bournemouth etc. Since it has already been established that these people go the extra mile to take care of their exterior, they are likely to try new and uncommon methods to enhance their appearance. Time has also been set aside to distribute these forms of promotion in as many places as possible.

Time needs to be set aside to research all aspects regarding the Cryolabs launch and it is important that this is one of the first stages in the process as previously discussed. Social media promotion is a very important factor to remember and should be carried out from the beginning of the activity and continually updated and reviewed to make certain that content is engaging and that followers and intended audiences are fully engaging with it.

The beauty seminar is one of the last components of the campaign since all of the other efforts lead up to both the seminars and the official Cryolabs launch. Of course time needs to be taken to organise and set up the events and well as collect and process any evaluations once the project has concluded to measure the effectiveness of the effort. …

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