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Publicēts: 21.10.2015.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Decision Making
Greek business is hierarchical and decisions are reached at the top of the company and handed down to subordinates to implement. It is common for managers to seek consensus before making a decision.
In general, Greeks do not like admitting mistakes. They will become silent if pressured.
Maintaining harmonious working relationships is more important than accomplishing something at a specific time and cross cultural sensitivity is necessary.

Boss or Team Player
If you are working in Greece, it is important to remember that honor and reputation play an important role.
When meeting together and moderating ideas, intercultural sensitivity is required.
It is important to qualify ideas that are raised in a gentle manner, protecting the reputation of those bringing up ideas, so no one is shamed.

Interesting facts. True or false?
It is normal that business is conducted only during the third meeting
True. Greek people value personal relationships. Often the first meetings are used to get to know the counterpart and find out whether he or she can be trusted.
Physical contact that reaches beyond the handshake is not appropriate in Greek business culture.
False. Greeks tend to welcome physical contact and conversing with close proximity is common. Embracing and kissing on the cheek is commonly used in Greece.

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