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Publicēts: 03.09.2012.
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Australia is also well known for its fresh ingredients such as seafood, local fruits, beef and lamb, as well its world class cheeses.
Australian food traditions have been shaped by those that have settled in Australia.
Australian cuisine was based on traditional British food.
Fast food chains can also be found all over the country.
British traditions still persist to varying degrees both in domestic cooking as well as the takeaway food sector, with pies fish and chips remaining popular among Australians.
Barbecues are also common in fund raising for schools and local communities, where sausages and cooked onion are served on white bread with tomato sauce or barbecue sauce.
Australians consume an average of around 12 kilograms of cheese per head each year
 The typical breakfast of Australians strongly resembles breakfast in many Western countries.
The light breakfast commonly consists of cereals, toast (with a spread) and fruit.
A heavier cooked breakfast will include fried bacon, egg, mushroom, baked beans, sausages, tomatoes, toast with spread.
Drinks -tea, coffee, flavoured milk or juice.
A popular breakfast food in Australia is Vegemite, a black, salty spread similar to Marmite, applied to toast or bread.

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