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Case Analysis: Job Market for University Graduates in Latvia
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Publicēts: 27.01.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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  Executive summary    1
1.1.  Strengths    2
1.2.  Weaknesses    2
1.3.  Opportunities    3
1.4.  Threats    3
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As it has been concluded that the best recommendation for the problem could be that an undergraduate or postgraduate can offer a company to employ him or her for a significantly lower salary than other employees receive in an equal position, the implementation should begin with offering oneself as an employee to companies in which a person is interested in. At the beginning the person should decide which companies are the most appropriate for his or her profession.
Therefore, before addressing different companies, the person has to create a detailed Curriculum Vitae which would include all the previous work experience and education, even if the work experience has not been a long one. It is also important to write an extended motivation letter that would be appropriate for the desired job. Today many international companies specifically require the Europass Curriculum Vitae, therefore the person should use this specific form. The Internet is a good place where to start looking for companies in which the person is interested in, especially if an undergraduate or postgraduate does not have a specific company in mind. The person should start by signing up in several online recruitment agencies where it is possible to upload the Curriculum Vitae so that it would be accessible to those employers who use the same sites. The person can also send his or her application to several companies for which he or she would like to work. It is important to write a specific motivation letter for a concrete company.
The person should remember that looking for a job on the Internet will take more time for an employer to choose exactly his or her application, because in this case there is no live contact between the employer and the job seeker. Therefore, the person should write clearly all their details so that it would be obvious that the person is interested in a particular job offer with lower salary in the beginning until the person will prove him or herself as a reliable and responsible worker.
Another option for finding a job can be offering oneself directly to an employer, as already previously mentioned. In case if the employer appoints the interview, the person has to be ready to lead a convincing speech including all the details about his or her past experiences and future expectations in the particular sphere. If the person decides to directly turn to the employer, the person must pay attention to employer’s attitude as it could be distant and very reserved, since the employer might not be prepared to listen to the inexperienced job seeker at that particular moment. In this case the person has to remain calm, self-confident, and prepared to give a proper answer why should the employer choose exactly him or her, even with no experience in the particular sphere. The good thing about this kind of interview is that the person has a chance to prove him or herself as a convincing potential employee with clear future goals, and in case if the employer is interested in the potential employee, to mention that he or she is ready to work for a lower salary than other employees receive in an equal position.
If there is no success, then the person should apply for assistance in a recruitment agency. The recruitment agency could be a good option if the person does not have plenty of time to look for a job him or herself, but the person will have to pay for the recruitment agency’s services. Moreover, looking for a job with the help of a recruitment agency in a combination with looking for a job by oneself is the most suggested option.

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